Photographer: Dang Ke Cuong

  - Year of birth: 1974

  - Member of Vietnam Association Photographic Artists (VAPA)

  - Has ever won prizes and taken part in photo exhibitions domestically and internationally

  - Bronze medal in Republic of Cyprus

  - Certification of consolation prize in Spain

  - Displays in photo exhibitions in such countries as: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Qatar, China, Austria and so on.


Hoi An Photogallery is a place to keep and maintain photographer Dang Ke Cuong’s masterpieces of Photographs of Arts. Here, you can see beauty features from nice eye glints, smiles from old men, unaffected childhood to daily routines in normal lives as well as the pictures of flooding, occurring every year that have been suffered by people of Hoi An in particular and by Vietnamese people in general, can bee seen. Besides, you can able to discover pictures of areas of Vietnam territory after photo hunting trips made by Photographer Dang Ke Cuong. 


Hoi An Photogallery is not only the place for you to enjoy arts but also to exchange and share your experience in the field of photography.


All of the photos posted on this website are available for you to order online if you are interested in them.


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